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SEED is a non-profit organization that is helping people through their skill development, especially unprivileged people. The company has started its journey in 2018. So far the organization has provided and organized several training sessions and workshops in different venues. Now the SEED has prepared their own venue to provide the service in a more effective way. So far, we have worked on around 50 projects. We dream of a skilled population all over the country. We believe one day our country shall be fulfilled with skilled resources who will be considered as assets of the country. We have designed the training curriculum in two types to Run the Organization. One is Paid professional training which shall bear the operational cost of the Organization and the rest amount shall be spent on providing the training to the unprivileged people for free. We always dream about a better Bangladesh -a country with skillful resources.


Nov. 12, 2021

Being an entrepreneur is hard work, and one of the biggest struggles you’ll encounter is learning how to wear so many different hats on a day-to-day basis. Running your own human resources department can be one of the hardest of these challenges to take on, especially considering recruitment, selection, training & development, performance management, employee engagement & retention activities.

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For Professional

Nov. 12, 2021

The eventual growth and success of an organization depend only on one thing - whether we are able to create a workplace that would excite the best of the minds in the world to work with us and would help them grow and succeed individually.

Building a strong culture and an equally strong HR function should be one of the top three priorities for an Entrepreneur. Effective leader wants to work with people who are smart, committed, and genuine, working on a mission that is exciting, in an environment that is

challenging. This course will be very effective for entrepreneurs to achieve business success.

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Our Services


We provide Different Types of Skill Development Training to enhance the Human capability. Knowledge gather, adopt the development and enhance the Resource is our main motto.

HR Consultancy

We Provide Hr Consultancy services. We have a strong line up of highly professional Hr professionals who can assist you or company in Human Resource consultancy.

Social Work

We believe in good wills.Our organisation is keen to jump one step ahead in any kind of social activities. such as Blood donation, Winter cloth distribution,charitable works etc.During the Covid -19 Pendamic our voulenteers rushed all over the country to provide the OXygen Support , Free mask distribution Create awareness of Covid -19 etc.

SEED - A voluntary nonprofitable organization

The paid and Corporate training remuneration shall spend for exact costing of the training which shall include venue cost, trainers remuneration, refreshment cost. rest money shall be use for providing free training to unprivileged & need full people ..

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