Performance Appraisal



People differ in their abilities and their aptitudes. There is always some difference between the quality and quantity of the same work on the same job being done by two different people.
Therefore, performance management and performance appraisal is necessary to understand each employee’s abilities, competencies and worth for the organization.
Used well, performance appraisal can focus every person’s attention on the company’s mission, vision, and values.


  • Understand the Performance Appraisal Objectives & relevance to Individuals & Organization.
  • Encourage and reward behaviors aligned with organizational mission and goals.
  • Address non-productive activities.
  • Conduct meaningful performance appraisal discussions.
  • Be prepared for some common challenges of the appraisal process.
  • Understand the errors in conducting appraisals.
  • Review current appraisal Forms & Methods

Head of Departments, Sr. Managers, Managers, Asst. Managers, Team Leaders, HR Professionals, Entrepreneurs and anyone who is leading a team.


An interactive and practical approach incorporating group discussions/exercises, presentations and role plays.


Module Session
Module 1 Performance Appraisal Objectives
·  What is Performance Appraisal ?
·  Why Performance Appraisal ?
·  When to Conduct Performance Appraisal ?
·  Why Employees Fear Performance Appraisal ?
·  Why Managers Fear Performance Appraisal ?
Module 2 WHAT to Appraise ?
·  Elements of Appraisal Form
·  KPI’s / Goals
·  Competencies
·  Rating Scale
Module 3 Common Errors
·  Why do Performance Appraisals Fail ?
·  Errors in Rating
Module 4 HOW to Appraise ? 
·  What are the consequences of poor communication about Performance ?
·  Process & Timeline
·  Roles & Responsibilities
·  Negative & Positive Feedbacks
Module 5 Enhancements 
·  Review Current Appraisal Forms & Methods
·  Rehearsal of Performance Appraisal Interview